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Simple Ingredients Making You Feel

Simply Beautiful!

Simply Black and White has been a favorite with our local area customers for many years.  As a small home based soap and lotion business, we strive to maintain quality products and friendly customer service.  Recently a few
 new products and scents have been added to the line-up.  When considering new products to add, we always do so with the concept of clean simple ingredients in mind. 


We love the qualities that Coconut Oil offers to our product line, and try to incorporate this amazing ingredient in all of our products.

Recently we have expanded not only the product line, but we have also grown our physical and online presence.  We now have our online store, allowing our customers a simple streamlined way to order their favorite items or try the new products. 

Our physical expansion has spread into 3 local store-front locations for our local customers to be able to come in for purchasing, sampling and product pick up from online sales.


Main Mercantile

107 S. Main Street


Thee Quaint Market

114 E Pine Street


Niche Unlimited

64 NE US Hwy 60

We hope to continue to grow the company, the product line and the confidence our customers have bestowed upon us.

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